Why should I have an online estate auction?

Sometimes a full estate sale in not in the best interest of the client or the home. Whether there are people still living in the home, safety concerns, or the estate is just not large enough for a full-blown estate sale, an online estate auction can be the success you are looking for. Some benefits of online auctions include:

  • Less foot traffic through the home as only winning bidders will be picking up
  • A higher percentage of items sell since we bundle items less likely to sell with items of interest
  • Highly collectible items may sell for higher than at an estate sale due to competitive bidding

Call us to discuss if an online estate auction is best for your estate. 

How is an online auction different from an onsite sale?

With an onsite estate sale, the JBug team will come to your home, sort everything, stage everything, and price everything. During the sale, customers will be invited into the sale to shop for items based on the ticketed price. Over the course of the sale, the ticketed price is discounted by percentage points. By the last hour of the sale, most items are discounted by 50-75% to move the remaining merchandise. While highly collectible items tend to sell at the full price, other items may go for 25-50% of the initial asking price.

During an online estate auction, items are started at a low opening bid and go up as high as the market is willing to pay. Highly collectible items can go for more than what we would have priced them at an onsite sale. Bundles of lesser-valued items help clear out as much merchandise as possible. While we may not get as much from a bundle as we would if we sold each item separately, we find that we can liquidate much more during an auction.