Jennerbug Finds Provides Full Service Estate Sales for an Easy Transition as you Downsize, Relocate, or Manage an Estate

Let Jennerbug Finds remove the stress of downsizing, senior relocation, transitioning to a new living situation, or the management of an estate home. 

We provide a full service plan for clients seeking assistance with family estates, moving, relocation, or downsizing their homes. Our service includes onsite liquidations, estate sales, moving sales, senior relocation, packing, clean-outs, and buyouts.  

You can contact us at your convenience at 856-244-1928 7 days a week, 9AM to 9PM.

Is an estate sale right for me?

Estate Sales or moving sales are not necessarily about furniture, antiques or vintage.A successful estate sale is about a home full of a variety of items that may include different styles and aspects of living that will appeal to a broad array of shoppers.

Whether you are a local resident or from out of town and need to return home we can manage your estate sale successfully for you.

Our primary goal is to work with the client to ensure their transition is as stress free and easy as possible.

How do we plan an estate sale in the time of COVID?

Jennerbug Finds offers a stress free transition for the client following CDC guidelines. We require masks and social distancing. Sanitizers are available, and preparation includes arranging the home so that it is estate sale ready including creating a secure entrance and exit. The entrance will include a hand sanitizing station for use before entering the home. Limited numbers of buyers will be admitted at one time with social distancing and masks required while inside the home.

Here’s the nuts and bolts of how we get it done

  • Staging: Our goal is to stage your home as a showroom. We prepare the house for the sale by cleaning and staging the items to optimize visibility. This provides the best shopping experience and maximizes a value of the items. We provide tables, lighting, and display boxes.
  • Pricing: Our team of researchers and appraisers will take time to research and appraise to ensure each of the items are being priced in accordance with fair market value. After data collection, research, and analysis we determine the best approach to value each object. Each item over $10 will be clearly marked with a price tag.
  • Photography: We have a professional photographer and graphic designer on our team who will take photos and measure items to be sold.
  • Advertising: Once the sale dates are set, we will post photos on our website and estate sale networking sites, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We will email your sale announcement to our email subscribers.
  • Signage: On the day of the sale, professional signs will be strategically placed around your neighborhood to ensure maximum attendance.
  • Sale Day(s): We start handing out numbers to those in line starting 1 hour prior to the sale. We invite buyers to the home in number order to browse and purchase items. We coordinate the buying and selling process from end to end that includes managing traffic flow. We have a check out station where buyers can hold the items that they wish to buy and complete their purchases, bags and wrapping papers are provided for purchases. Larger items purchased will be moved by the purchaser, under our very watchful eye. Care is taken to be alert for theft and tag switching. When the sale is over, we remove all of our equipment, leaving all of the unpurchased items for the client.
  • After the Sale: It is only after the sale that you can decide what to do with the remaining items. We offer cleanout and buyout services. If you wish, we can box up any remaining items for donation. For high value items that you do not wish to donate, we can advise you of other options, such as auction or consignment shop. Or, you can choose to handle the rest on your own.
  • Settlement: Within 10 business days of your sale, we will send you an itemized account of your sale along with your check!